Winter claims another victim

When the guys got together for poker on Friday night, one of the regulars was missing.

“Where’s Frank?” said Charlie.

“In the hospital,” said Joe. “He had another heart attack.”

“Not again!” said Harry. “What happened?”

“Well, after the last one, his doctor warned him not to do any strenuous activity,” Joe said. “He told him absolutely no snow shoveling.”

“And Frank didn’t listen?” said George.

“Sure he listened,” said Joe.

“So what happened?” said Bill.

“Well,” said Joe, “when we had all that snow yesterday, Frank didn’t know what to do. His wife can’t shovel ’cause she’s got a bad back, and Frank can’t shovel ’cause he’s got a bad heart, and they can’t afford a snowblower. Then that lazy good-for-nothing teenage son of theirs said, ‘Don’t worry, Dad — from now on I’ll do all the shoveling!’ Frank had a heart attack on the spot.”


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