Another genetic experiment gone awry

August 24, 2016

The lard works in mysterious ways

August 23, 2016

From CBC Radio; hat tip to Will at Will S.’s Random Weirdness Blog.

Donald Trump stops at nothing to get your attention. Even if it means staring out at you from a tub of butter.

Almost a year ago, Jan Castellano opened a fresh tub of Earth Organics butter only to be greeted by a vision of Trump’s face.

Given that Trump is now the Republican presidential candidate, and his statements grow more controversial by the day, Castellano tells As It Happens guest host Laura Lynch she sees the butter episode now as a kind of premonition.

“Who knew a year later, [Trump] would be embedded in our minds?”

It all started for Castellano, who lives in Wildwood, Mo., last summer. It was right after Trump had announced his candidacy in the Republican primaries, and Castellano was in the kitchen making breakfast.

“His face had been starting to appear all over TV. He’s very animated, with his expressions. When I popped that tub of butter open, I kind of did a double-take. And I’m not one of those people to see things in food.”

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Let’s face it

August 22, 2016

Some beautiful music for Sunday

August 21, 2016

Happy Caturday

August 20, 2016

Prey on words, part nine/nein

August 19, 2016

Facebook can sure be weird sometimes

August 17, 2016


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