Leading from behind

The Bard of Murdock, on President Obama’s unique leadership style:

You might remember James Monroe,
Who did upon the world bestow
His famous doctrine, which decreed,
That European powers cede
Their efforts in our hemisphere,
Or on America’s frontier.

And Harry Truman’s doctrine said
We’d go to war to stop the spread
Of those who threatened liberty
With Marxist thought and tyranny.
That doctrine held until the fall
Of Russia and the Berlin Wall.

When JFK was president
He said it was our firm intent
That any burden, price or cost
Be paid that freedom not be lost.
In liberty his words enshrined
Our policy for all mankind.

Obama shrinks upon that stage:
He speaks no words that might engage
Our enemies, or might convey
That our great land has shown the way
To be a place of liberty,
Of freedom and prosperity.

Our allies know no weaker friend.
Our enemies now comprehend
That liberty’s bright shining light
Is, for the moment, out of sight;
For tyranny is not confined
Or conquered ‘leading from behind.’

3 Responses to Leading from behind

  1. otispdriftwood says:

    Excellent poem, as usual, from The Bard. And it pretty much nails it on the head.


  2. otispdriftwood says:

    I had a little problem with my login. Got it fixed now and hope and plan to comment more.


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