If Bush had been president when the SEALs offed bin Laden

Doug Gamble speculates on how the media would have covered the killing of Osama bin Laden if it had occurred on George W. Bush’s watch:

WASHINGTON–Continuing his crusade against the peaceful religion of Islam, President George W. Bush Sunday ordered a cowardly sneak attack on a Pakistan compound containing al Qaida leader Osama bin Laden.

Consistent with the Bush-Cheney tactic of targeting non-combatants, the raid resulted in the murder of an innocent woman and three men in addition to bin Laden, who understandably had armed himself in an attempt to save his life against overwhelming odds. …

Navy SEALs who burst into the compound opened fire without reading Obama his Miranda rights, a breach typical of Bush’s contempt for the rule of law. In a blunder highlighting the incompetence of the U.S. military, of which Bush is commander-in-chief, a helicopter was destroyed in the raid resulting in a loss of millions of dollars to taxpayers.

Intelligence leading to the raid came from the heinous illegal torture of al Qaida victims held at Guantanamo. The raid itself was an illegal intrusion into a sovereign country, technically an act of war against Pakistan.

The thunderous noise of the U.S. helicopters caused great consternation to neighbors of the compound who had been trying to enjoy a good night’s sleep, particularly terrifying women and children. …

As word of bin Laden’s murder spread, the “Ugly American” the world so hates showed its face in the form of disgusting celebrations in front of the White House, in New York’s Times Square and at Ground Zero. The bloodthirsty mobs grew throughout the night, reveling in the death of a fellow human being.

With bin Laden’s skin color being darker than Bush’s, the long-held belief that the president is racist is now confirmed. In an ironic twist, bin Laden’s death occurred on May 1, the same date as the death of Adolph Hitler, a tyrant to whom Bush has often been compared.

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