Jihad don’t watch list

The Bard of Murdock offers condolences to Vice President Joseph Biden, whom Osama bin Laden apparently did not consider worth bumping off:

As of today, from this point on,
Perhaps we can agree upon
An armistice that I desire
That will, from all of us, require
No fun be made at Joe’s expense
For any old or new offense.

For when a man has been brought low
By death or scandal or a blow
To his position or his rank
One should refrain from joke or prank
Or other humor of the sort
To which we bloggers oft resort.

Joe Biden now lives in disgrace,
Discredit and the loss of face
By being in the group of one
Whose death the terrorists would shun.
(In case the latest news you’ve missed:
Joe’s on the Jihad Don’t Watch List!)

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