Kill the clown; save the children

As reported in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, a coalition of health professionals is urging McDonald’s to send Ronald McDonald into permanent retirement. This is part of the campaign against childhood obesity that earlier saw nutrition “experts” and other professional busybodies on a crusade against Happy Meals. (So far, only San Francisco has actually outlawed Happy Meals, but nanny-staters haven’t given up trying to ban them everywhere else, and at least one lawsuit is pending against McDonald’s for its diabolical practice of including cheap toys in its kids’ meals.)

The campaign to hand Ronald McDonald his pink slip is being spearheaded by an outfit that calls itself “Corporate Accountability International.” According to CAI, “McDonald’s food is responsible for such social ills as heart disease, diabetes, animal welfare abuses, labor exploitation, unceasing environmental destruction, and the breakdown of our food system. … [P]arents have a right to raise their children in a safe environment, without constantly worrying about predatory corporate marketing. And children have the right not to be preyed upon by a clown with a corporate agenda.”

Planet Moron comments: “Are there six more chilling words in the English language than ‘a clown with a corporate agenda?'”

So much for life, liberty, and the pursuit of Happy Meals.

Considering the seriousness of the charges against Ronald McDonald and the company he represents, Allahpundit says, “If we’re going to take out a figurehead as allegedly evil as this, I prefer to do it the old-fashioned way, by sending in SEALs to shoot him in the face.”

I’m not really a fan of McDonald’s; if I’m hungry, pressed for time, short on cash, and in need of a quick fix, there are other fast-food places I’d rather patronize. But I’m a free marketeer and a borderline anarchist who loathes the nanny state and detests busybodies who are on a mission to dictate to all the rest of us how we ought to live our lives. So whenever I see or hear McDonald’s being attacked by health “experts,” anti-obesity warriors, militant anti-capitalist ninnies who hate all successful commercial enterprises on principle, and other menaces to personal liberty, it gives me an almost-overwhelming urge to get in the car, drive to McDonald’s, and buy a Happy Meal… even if I have to feed it to my cat afterward.

2 Responses to Kill the clown; save the children

  1. DeniseVB says:

    Ole Ronald is also the face of one the biggest children’s charities in the world, but guess those pesky details won’t impress the nannies.


  2. garnette says:

    Since I could probably make an argument that the grocery stores do the same as they say McDonalds do to destroy our food systems with all the products that are put there with corporations with a marketing agenda can we get rid of the small grocery carts for children and the car grocery carts?

    I guess they want us to go back to the old fashioned food systems that were in place in the past. You know the farms, gardens, canning, butchering, and other forms of producing your own food.


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