Government giveaway abuse

If you’ve been cutting back on the grocery budget to survive these hard economic times, you’ll be thrilled know that some folks whose lifestyles you are subsidizing with your taxes are living the good life at your expense.

Louis Cuff, 33, of Menominee, Michigan, has been charged with welfare fraud for misusing food stamps. Authorities say Cuff used a Michigan-issued food stamp card to buy luxury food items which he then resold for cash.

One receipt from February showed the purchase of six lobster tails, two porterhouse steaks, and a 24-pack of diet soda, totaling $141.78, with food stamps. Lt. Greg Nast of the Menominee County Sheriff’s Department says the receipt was found near the grocery store.

While the law allows the purchase of any food item with food stamps, it is illegal to resell them.

Authorities say Cuff admitted to reselling items that he’d purchased with food stamps. If convicted of welfare fraud, he faces up to five years in prison. I don’t know where he’ll serve his time, but wherever it is, I doubt lobster and steak appear on the prison menu very frequently.

2 Responses to Government giveaway abuse

  1. DeniseVB says:

    Those states who issue cards seem to have a lot of abuse issues, especially if they’re not putting restrictions on what can be bought.

    But darn, that list made me hungry !


  2. Someone posted this receipt a couple months ago and it caused me great irritation because I thought he was having one helluva luau. I didn’t know the schemin’ swindler got caught, good. Too bad it took someone finding the receipt by accident (or luck)—if I had been the cashier I would have called it in, ya know, just doing my part. I guess there really are no checks on what people use the stamps for—but this is pretty outrageous even if he wasn’t selling the items.


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