How to deal with idiot journalists

MSNBC news anchor Contessa Brewer made a fool of herself on Wednesday during an interview with Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks. I use the term “interview” loosely; Ms. Brewer was clearly more interested in scolding the congressman for having the effrontery to oppose Barack Obama’s irresponsible deficit spending than she was in actually getting his views on how to deal with the budget deficit. She staunchly (if stupidly) defended the president by claiming that deficit spending was justified, since the country had been headed for a depression when Obama took office. When Brooks politely took exception to her claim that the U.S. had been on the verge of a depression, the MSNBC newsbabe got even more huffy, and rudely questioned the congressman’s qualifications for holding an opinion that differed from hers. The smackdown Rep. Brooks delivered (in the most gentlemanly manner possible) is a pleasure to behold.

One Response to How to deal with idiot journalists

  1. Bob Mack says:

    Ah, a typically informative interviewer from the Reich Ministry of Propaganda.


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