Charge of the Left Brigade

With the U.S. economy in tatters, unemployment through the roof, our credit rating downgraded, and the national debt somewhere up in the stratosphere, Senate Democrats have decided that what our poor struggling nation really needs is… more debt. They don’t call it “debt,” of course; they have a sexier word for it: “stimulus.” Yes, that’s right. They want the gubmint (which by rights should be locked up in debtor’s prison) to borrow and spend more money to “stimulate” the economy. You know, because the last several “stimuli” have worked so well at encouraging job creation and reducing budget deficits and protecting our credit rating. The Bard of Murdock (channelling Alfred, Lord Tennyson) comments:

Half a mil, half a tril,
Half from our lenders,
Into a mountain of debt
Roared the big spenders.
Forward with stimulus!
Ramp up the printing press!
Into a mountain of debt
Roared the big spenders.

Forward the Left Brigade!
Hide from our debt downgrade.
Who in the country knows
We are the offenders?
Spend up the debt sky high.
Spend ’til the debtors cry.
Spend ’til the well is dry.
Into a mountain of debt
Roared the big spenders.

Unions to the right of us.
Teachers to the left of us.
Leftists stand in back of us,
As our defenders.
Boldly we stand and yell,
“Spend more to make us well!”
Into the jaws of debt,
Into the hearth of hell,
Roared the big spenders.

Stop not at double-A:
Spend ’til we can’t repay
Our vendors or lenders.
Push off the judgment day,
Beg, borrow and delay
Cry the big spenders.

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