Wisconsin residents: watch out for street gangs

The Wisconsin State Patrol is warning residents who will be traveling this holiday weekend to be on the lookout for street gangs that have been causing problems in some parts of the state. Motorists who encounter street gangs such as the one pictured below are advised to remain in their vehicles with the windows rolled up until the gang has moved on. Above all, do NOT feed the gang members!

The Wisconsin State Patrol thanks you for your cooperation.

5 Responses to Wisconsin residents: watch out for street gangs

  1. Freedom, by the way says:

    I wish we had more bears! Also love the “family” photo album on the side bar, Bob!


  2. […] street gangs in the forests of Wisconsin!  Over at the Bluebird Of Bitterness, bob has the shocking details – if you can bear it.  Also, check out this cute story she tells about a couple in their […]


  3. grumpyelder says:

    Are my cousins gettin’ rowdy again?

    Apples and berries must be startin’ to ferment up there, can’t blame ’em they only have a couple weeks in the fall when they can tie on a good drunk and let go a little.

    They’ll be sleepin’ it off for months

    You ain’t got to worry about them too much..long as you leave ’em alone


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