The latest lie from the Pinocchio of Pennsylvania Avenue

According to a recent story by Piper Weiss on Yahoo news:

Every night before he goes to sleep, the president of the United States reads 10 letters from the pile of 20,000 sent to him by Americans every day. Sometimes, he writes back. He’s even, on occasion, included a check.

“It’s not something I should advertise, but it has happened,” President Barack Obama told reporter Eli Saslow, author of the new book, “Ten Letters: The Stories Americans Tell Their President.”

Phineas Fahrquar at Public Secrets comments:

I’m not sure what the bigger whopper is here: that Obama plays “secret Santa” to some of the poor, downtrodden folks in danger of losing their homes or with medical bills they can’t pay, or that a guy with an ego the size of the Grand Canyon is reluctant to talk about it.

Consider the first choice. Are you really going to tell me these people have received personal checks from the President of the United States and have stayed quiet about it? They didn’t tell their relatives? They and their relatives didn’t tell the local news? No one at the bank who cashed the check told anyone “Hey, I just cashed a check from Obama”? Word never got to the national news networks, who’d love to carry a feel-good story about their God-King?

Everyone stayed mum?

Sure. Uh-huh. I buy that. How much for the bridge, too?

Or how about the next one, that he’s reluctant to talk about it? Barack Obama, humble? Reluctant to take credit? The man who shunned the Democratic convention hall so he could make his acceptance speech in an outdoor arena before Grecian columns, like some demigod? The man who couldn’t be bothered to appear in person at ceremonies commemorating the fall of the Berlin Wall, but sent  a video message that focused on him? Who’s famously thin-skinned about criticism and makes almost every speech on himself? Who’s sure he’s made all the right choices? Who had to have a star-studded White House birthday party –  including a conga line – while the economy is still in a tank??

This Barack Obama, who probably has narcissistic personality disorder?

Yeah, you bet. And unicorns are real, too.

Look, if this turns out to be true – that Obama sent checks, not just wrote back – I’ll admit my error and apologize.

But I just don’t believe it; I think the man is lying and that his childish need for ego-stroking made him do it.

One of the many skeptical comments on the original news story:

A check. Not cash. Something with a signature. And then the people who were so desperate for help that they wrote the White House to beg for money, whose financial problems were solved through the personal intervention of the President of the United States – they quietly cashed the checks and went on with their business. Or, maybe they tried to get the story on the local news but the hard-hearted reporter types didn’t see an angle. “What, President saves family farm from bankruptcy? There’s no story there!” Until finally, after years and who knows how many instances of this selflessness, we finally hear about it from none other than Captain Reticent himself.

This is quite possibly the stupidest lie I have ever heard from an adult person.

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  1. What A Hoot says:

    My jaw is dropping at the 20,000 letters a day. If, indeed, that many the majority, the letters are not from Obama’s Base; they are not the writing kind. Or, perhaps there is a school “Write The President” campaign go on to insure the president receives lots of letters each day. How many staff/employees does it take to screen/read each letter, which must be done for security reasons? Let’s see, thirty letters an hour times seven hours. 210 letters per security personnel per day. Is there an office of 100+ readers?


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