Politics, protests, and playtime

Inspired by Occupy Wall Street and its many copycats, my daughter decided to outfit some of her toys with their very own custom-made protest signs. (Click to enlarge for enhanced legibility.)

4 Responses to Politics, protests, and playtime

  1. DeniseVB says:

    Thanks for the laugh 😀 The news has been just sickening lately with the riots and weenie mayors of the occupy cities. Then the Cain kerfluffle……he’s the only GOPer I like.

    Kudos to your cool daughter! Going back under my rock now…….;) I may steal your photo, so darn cute.


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  3. Freedom, by the way says:



  4. Ha-ha! I especially like the bit about 1% of toys getting played with 99% of the time. Every time I pass by my daughter’s toy chest I feel like redistributing to Goodwill.


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