Had this been an actual emergency… oh, wait…

Apparently yesterday’s nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System didn’t go exactly as planned. You can read the full story in The New York Times, or you can do what I do — just read The Bard of Murdock’s commentary on the incident, which is much more fun.

At 2 PM the government
Performed a little test.
It hijacked TV, radio,
And cable by request.The test went off without a hitch,
Just as they said it would,
Aside from minor glitches which
Have been misunderstood.’Twas not a gagging sound dispersed,
As some have made the claim;
’Twas Lady Gaga in full throat,
With hair and clothes aflame.

And those who claim that QVC
Was broadcast in the South,
Are passing rumors off as fact,
By blog and word of mouth.

A few have even made the claim
They never saw the test,
But they were mainly right-wing nuts,
The addled and depressed.

The EAS had such success
Its team has been assigned
To implement Obamacare,
While leading from behind.

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