Happy birthday, George

Government spending is soaring, budget deficits are ballooning, the national debt is skyrocketing, and the U.S. credit rating is down; Barack Obama blames George W. Bush. House Republicans pass legislation to curb spending; Senate Democrats refuse to let it come up for discussion, let alone a vote. Obama wants to borrow more money from the Chinese because he thinks we’re not spending enough on entitlements and green energy. Health insurance rates are up, and Obama responds by creating new mandates that will drive prices even higher. Fuel and food prices are up, and ordinary Americans who still have jobs are tightening their belts and making cuts in the family budget in an attempt to avert financial disaster. Meanwhile, Obama is itching to raise taxes on the “wealthy” (defined as anyone who is not currently collecting unemployment benefits and/or food stamps), even though he knows it won’t increase government revenues, because he cares more about “fairness” (defined as equality of outcome) than he does about the obscene debt we are leaving to our children and grandchildren. The United States is on the fast track toward becoming another European-style economic basket case. George Washington is rolling over in his grave. Happy birthday, George!

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  1. DeniseVB says:

    My middle child turned 38 today, back in the “old days” it was a national holiday. Happy Birthday anyhow, George and Gregory 😀


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