What’s it all about, Algae?

When President Pondscum announced his newest green energy program, I wasn’t the only one who wondered what he’d been smoking. The Bard of Murdock elucidates, in Acapulco Green:

The Stoner in Chief has found the leaf
To power his campaign,
It comes from the class of algae mass
That’s known as Mary Jane.

A car on a batch of algae thatch
Can travel far and wide,
And poured on a joint, at boiling point,
It gives a pleasant ride.

So power your Jeep with gas that’s cheap,
And park along the curb,
To mellow a bit and take a hit
Of presidential herb.

A cannabis car may be on par
With healthcare free of cost,
And further to which, we’ll tax the rich
To clean up our exhaust.

Producing a gas of ganja grass
Is worthy of the deed,
And isn’t it fun to have The One,
Who swaps our gas for weed?

5 Responses to What’s it all about, Algae?

  1. Love the title of your blog post! 😛

    The Bard is certainly a clever chap…..


  2. Not just spot on, but dang funny 😀


  3. Bob Mack says:

    I once took a headline writing class many moons ago. The title of this post deserves an A+.


    • Thanks, Bob! But with this administration, the headlines practically write themselves.


      • Bob Mack says:

        I left this bit of doggerel on the Bard’s site:

        Four years of Obama have us on pace
        To power our lives with aquarium waste;

        He’ll distill & refine the odiferous green
        and mandate we use it in every machine;

        With windmill and pond scum the future he’ll seize
        And make a new nation dependent on breeze.


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