Race-baiting media create new racial classification

It’s always amusing, the lengths to which the lamestream media will go in manipulating the facts of a story to make it fit their preferred narrative. In the case of poor George Zimmerman, they have gone so far as to create a new racial classification, “White-Hispanic,” to justify their having originally labeled the man who shot Trayvon Martin “white”– when the mugshot of him that they were using made it embarrassingly obvious that Mr. Zimmerman more closely resembled his Latin American mother than his Anglo father. Had Mr. Zimmerman been the victim of a violent crime committed by a blond-haired blue-eyed person of pallor, liberal news sources would have referred to him from the outset as (unhyphenated) Hispanic and to his attacker as (unhyphenated) white. You know, kind of the way they always refer to Barack Obama as black or African-American, when it would be just as accurate to call him white, and far more accurate to call him biracial (something they have never, to my knowledge, done). Sadly, we are still a long, long way from the color-blind society dreamed of by civil rights leaders of long ago.

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