There he goes again

Is Barack Obama a liar, or just a historically illiterate ignoramus? On Monday, in the course of warning the Supreme Court not to mess with his beloved Obamacare, the community-organizer-in-chief — who used to teach constitutional law at the University of Chicago! — used the words “unprecedented” and “extraordinary” to describe something the court does all the time: striking down legislation that it finds unconstitutional.

The Bard of Murdock comments:

“Unprecedented,” says the man
Who holds a law degree,
Despite the fact that precedence
Would strongly disagree.

“Extraordinary,” tumbles next
Across the gilded tongue,
Despite the massive over-reach
From which the law was sprung.

“It had a strong majority
In Congress,” he explains,
Despite the count of those who lost
Their subsequent campaigns.

“The Court should understand,” he says,
“The human element,”
Despite the Constitution’s text
He means to circumvent.

And thus the legal scholar hopes
To politic the court,
Into a breach of duty which
Their oaths do not support.


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