Free money! Come and get it!

While those of us poor working stiffs who are lucky enough to still have jobs in this wretched economy are working on getting our income taxes done this week, what are our overlords in Washington doing? They’re spending more money we don’t have to track down more people to whom they can send money that they didn’t earn.

I kid you not. The federal government has been buying expensive full-page ads in magazines such as Sports Illustrated, encouraging people to take advantage of the Earned Income Tax Credit:

Thomas Lifson comments:

“As you prepare to send in your income taxes on April 15 — for many taxpayers the amount involved is more than they spend on food and housing combined — remember that other people get paid money when they file taxes, because their incomes are lower than yours.

“The desperation to spend as much money as possible on taking money from taxpayers and giving it to other people who didn’t earn it and who don’t pay income taxes is offensive to everyone who works hard, succeeds, and as a result has a bull’s-eye painted on their pocketbooks.”

2 Responses to Free money! Come and get it!

  1. DeniseVB says:

    Funny, we just did our taxes. I saved every receipt from 2011, as we are a generous couple ;). We’ve used a CPA for 30 years who keeps us honest by not letting us claim bags to thrift stores, tornado victims, disabled vets or the church who saves the orphans in Timbuktu. You see, we need the original receipt for the clothing item to deduct the fair market value.

    Otherwise, our total amount came to 10k in “donations”, we can’t deduct unless we made…..13k in donations?

    And that’s with military retirement/ss/ssi <for our handicapped son. Well below 90k a year.

    Thanks for letting me rant Bob.


    • Rant all you want. I’m going to be spending a ridiculous amount of time today working on tax stuff and I’m already in a foul mood, so if anyone wants to vent on the subject, I’ll be in the right frame of mind to commiserate.


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