Next time, just let them have the bird seed

Have you ever heard of Peter Shumlin? I hadn’t before today, and wouldn’t have heard of him today if he had not done something so spectacularly imbecilic that he came within inches of earning himself a Darwin award — not to mention almost forcing the citizens of his state to hold a special election.

Peter Shumlin is the governor of Vermont, and apparently a slightly fanatical bird lover. Last night he heard a commotion in his back yard, which turned out to be four bears, recently awakened from hibernation, who were raiding his bird feeders. Outraged, unarmed, and dressed only his jammies, Mr. Shumlin ran outside and tried to chase the bears away.

I swear I am not making this up.

Oh, and did I mention that two of the bears were cubs? How does someone get elected dogcatcher, let alone governor, who is fool enough to get into a confrontation with a mother bear and her cubs — and over something as inconsequential as bird seed?

Thank goodness, neither Mr. Shumlin nor the bears were harmed in the kerfuffle; and as a footnote, the governor actually succeeded in saving his precious birdfeeders from the marauding bears. According to his spokeswoman, Sue Allen, “[The governor] is urging all Vermonters to bring in feeders at night and don’t put them up in the spring.”

Phineas at Public Secrets comments: “At least Governor Palin would have remembered to bring the rifle. Governor Shumlin, on the other hand, is not smarter than the average bear.”

One Response to Next time, just let them have the bird seed

  1. LOL talk about biting off more than you can chew.


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