Out of the closet and into the foxhole

In the course of the rambling, incoherent statement that Barack Obama made to announce that he once again favors gay marriage (as he did in 1996, although not in 2004), he offered as one reason for his stance that he owed it to all the swell gay service men and women “who are out there fighting on my behalf” — demonstrating for the umpteenth time Obama’s invincible tone deafness when it comes to anything relating to the United States military. As the daughter, sister, wife, daughter-in-law, and mother-in-law of veterans, I was frankly rather surprised to learn that this is what the members of our armed forced are sworn to do.

The Bard of Murdock comments:

On my behalf the sun doth shine;
It lights my chosen way.
On my behalf the stars will glow
In luminous array.

On my behalf the rain doth fall
To soften up the greens.
On my behalf the course’s crew
Has mounted its machines.

On my behalf the roads are built
To smooth my chosen route.
On my behalf the unions build
A car that won’t pollute.

On my behalf the troops are sent
To suffer, kill and die.
On my behalf their victories
Become my battle cry.

On my behalf the universe,
From near to apogee,
On my behalf is orbiting
Around the world – and me.

2 Responses to Out of the closet and into the foxhole

  1. Teresa Rice says:

    Great poem! The only reason Obama did not openly support gay marriage in 2004 and 2008 is the same reason he is openly supporting gay marriage Today and did so in 1996 – is out of political opportunism and political expediency.


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