The sun never sets on the English language

My bachelor’s degree is in English, which is another way of saying that my parents paid thousands of dollars for me to spend four years reading books I could have read for free at the public library. I majored in English for two reasons: a) you had to major in something, and English was the only major on offer where you got to read real books instead of textbooks; and b) from earliest childhood I was a confirmed Anglophile and a passionate lover of words and language. For the latter reason, I was happy to find this entertaining and informative ten-minute history of the English language.

One Response to The sun never sets on the English language

  1. Fritz says:

    I, too, am an anglophile — at least when it comes to the written and spoken word. My favorite writers are English novelists, and there is nothing to compare with the finest of British playwrighting and acting. It is sad that the mainstream culture of Britain has declined from reticent politeness to loud, thuggish, welfare dependency.


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