It’s my party and I’ll snark if I want to

Schadenfreude Wednesday may be over, but I’m still having fun watching progressive heads explode.

A very sad night for MSNBC (have the kleenex handy):

These folks are backpedaling so fast, they’re gonna pull a hamstring:

Loser Tom Barrett gets a slap in the face from one of his loyal supporters:

The Occupy the Capitol crowd, in happier times:

Disappointed Barrett supporters hold a post-election Solidarity Sing-Along outside the Capitol:

Paul Begala criticizes Obama for his failure to campaign for Barrett:

Moe Lane at RedState offers words of comfort.

Jon Stewart of The Daily Show slams MSNBC’s coverage of the recall.

Al Sharpton explains how evil Republicans stole an election that rightfully belonged to Democrats.

Thomas Grier details why Walker’s victory is a disaster for Democrats in general and Obama in particular.

The Washington Post offers a surprisingly good analysis of Walker’s win.

C. Edmund Wright tells who the biggest losers were on Tuesday night (some of them may surprise you).

6 Responses to It’s my party and I’ll snark if I want to

  1. Fritz says:

    I have been gloating, inwardly and on my FB page, since I woke to the good news yesterday. As Wisconsin goes, the nation goes — I hope fervently.


  2. Freedom, by the way says:

    And I thought Spin Classes were only for fat folks. I hear they are a requirement for MSNBC reporters.


  3. Fritz says:

    The only bad news, which I didn’t learn of until today, is that the Dems seem to have retaken the Wisconsin Senate. The unofficial margin of victory in the critical race is less than 800 votes. Is there much of a chance that the result can be reversed through counting of absentee ballots and/or a recount?


    • The legislature won’t be meeting again until after the November elections, unless the governor calls a special session… so the question of who controls the state senate right now is an interesting one, but probably not a very important one. That said, I would love to see that recall overturned on a recount.


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