If it looks like a tax, and sounds like a tax, and walks like a tax…

The Supremes have decided that Obamacare is constitutional, and that the much-hated “individual mandate” is okay, because it’s a tax. This surely came as news to the community organizer in chief, who, along with his partners in crime, has been telling us from the get-go that the individual mandate is NOT a tax:

7 Responses to If it looks like a tax, and sounds like a tax, and walks like a tax…

  1. DeniseVB says:

    Good ole Team WTF putting lipstick on a pig always works out so well for them 😀 Good round-up.


  2. garnette says:

    So if it is not a tax why did they ensure that it was passed as a tax bill and not a bill that just required a simple majority of the Senate and put in a bill that orginated in the house so that it followed the procedures for tax bills?



  3. And don’t forget the 15,000 new IRS agents that were written into the bill!


    • Yep — 15,000 jobs created or saved.

      If a normal person were trying to come up with a program to make health care more accessible and affordable, he might have tried to get 15,000 more doctors, nurses, chiropractors, dentists, optometrists, or something…. Leave it to Democrats to opt for tax collectors instead.


      • It was never about health CARE…..

        Then again, these are the same people who managed to bankrupt a brothel in Las Vegas way back when.

        Honestly – you’re “selling” sex and booze; how do you screw that up?


  4. what a total goat rope, huh? really took the wind out of my sails last week.


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