Forget about feeding yourself — let the government do it

The food stamp president isn’t happy, even though participation in the food stamp program is at an all-time high. Last week I wrote about a radio ad that the USDA is running to boost enrollment in the program. Now I see that the USDA is suggesting that local food stamp offices throw Food Stamp Parties — you know, like a Tupperware Party, except instead of your guests buying stuff, the point is to persuade them to sign up for government benefits. Democrat strategist Jehmu Greene appeared on Fox News to lament the fact that even though participation in the food stamp program has increased dramatically since Barack Obama took office, and spending on the program has doubled, “We still don’t have 100% participation.” (I kid you not; she actually said that. Watch the video.) She also insisted — repeatedly — that the government needs to be “innovative” and “creative” in its efforts to get more people signed up for government assistance, and repeated the asinine assertion that food stamps are one of the best ways to stimulate the economy — because for every dollar spent on food stamps, $1.72 goes back into the local economy. (Liberals say stuff like that all the time, but they have yet to explain how a dollar, extracted from a taxpayer and then handed over to someone else, magically becomes $1.72. Who taught these dipsticks math?)

Andrew Klavan sums up the situation: “The government actually measures the success of entitlement programs by how many people use them — as opposed to how many people can stop using them — which pretty much tells you everything you need to know: dependency is not the reason for the programs, dependency is the purpose of them.”

Now contrast the situation today with this newspaper ad that the USDA ran about 95 years ago:

What a difference a century makes! Happy Dependence Day.

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  1. Fritz says:

    Magical thinking (e.g., the multiplier) is a staple of “progressivism.” Without it, “progressives” would be stuck with the ugly facts of life.


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