When is a tax not a tax?

And how does it become a tax once again, after having been not a tax? The Bard of Murdock thinks it has something to do with John Roberts’ Magic Spectacles:

Chief Justice Roberts’ spectacles
Are special to be sure,
They help him see beyond a law
And read it as de jure.

Those very special spectacles
Enhance his failing sight,
And change intention of the words
Displayed in black and white.

The magic that the lenses make
Is tricky to achieve,
But lets the justice see a thread
That Congress didn’t weave.

They are not safe to try at home
By those of lesser skill,
Unless the novice needs to read
A legislative bill.

But maybe I can find a pair
And have just what I need,
To understand the drivel spread
By folks like Harry Reid.

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