The six trillion dollar man

“Lousy economy? I didn’t build that. THIS guy did.”

After almost a full term in office, Barack Obama is still blaming his predecessor for everything that’s wrong in America. Someone should point out to him that firemen also inherit messes, but they don’t throw gasoline on them.

Tax increases to improve the ailing economy? Well, it’s never worked before, but for someone who knows how to slow the rise of the oceans and heal the planet, making higher taxes revive a moribund economy should be a piece of cake.

Thanks to the Obama Administration, record numbers of Americans now receive public assistance.

Any attempt to reform entitlements provokes howls of outrage from the left. They strike back by producing campaign ads that show the diabolical Paul Ryan gleefully pushing sweet helpless old ladies off cliffs. Even though entitlements are destroying the economy — not to mention the family, communities, and the moral fiber of the citizenry — Democrats regard them as sacrosanct and untouchable. In fact, Obama and his cronies are actively working to recruit MORE people to sign up for entitlements.

Thank heaven November is only a couple of months away!

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