Mohammed 1, Constitution 0

In 2007, then-Senator Barack Hussein Obama predicted that if he were elected president of the U.S., it would usher in a new era of peace and comity between America and the Muslim world — a prediction that has worked out almost as well as Obama’s other promises. Muslim outrage over the silly film Innocence of Muslims — which Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have blamed for the murder and mayhem going on throughout much of the Arab world — resulted in the filmmaker, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, being dragged out of bed in the middle of the night by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and hauled in for interrogation. And we thought things like that happened only in totalitarian countries! Silly us!

The photograph of the hapless Nakoula being loaded into the paddy wagon has provided boundless inspiration to the legions of folks who enjoy creating snarky captions for pictures and posting them online. Here are a few examples:

5 Responses to Mohammed 1, Constitution 0

  1. 49erDweet says:

    The guy himself is a stupid, idiotic jerkwad. But not as stupid, idiotic jerkwadish as the stupid idiotic jerkwads who succeeded in turning him into the hero of this stupid, idiotic jerkwadish piece of misguided and misplayed melodrama.

    And “Yes, thank you. I do feel better now”.


  2. sarthurk says:

    There’s 27 amendments. Glad you feel better. I’d feel better if someone’s head was on a pike.


  3. Hey Bob, I’m way behind or I would have requested a repost of this sooner. Would you mind? As far as I’m concerned, this is topic numero uno right now, or should be. Thanks!!


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