It’s not easy being green

As part of his strategy to heal the planet and slow the rise of the oceans, President Pondscum borrowed a ton of money and doled it out to “green energy” companies — a scheme that was supposed to create lots of high-paying jobs while also benefiting the environment. In reality, of course, neither the economic nor the environmental benefits ever materialized; most of the companies receiving Obamabucks through the program have either gone bankrupt or are faltering badly and have been forced to lay off workers.

The Bard of Murdock comments:

In Evergreen Solar
I asked the controller
To vest of the taxpayers’ dime.
The market then sputtered,
And quickly they shuttered:
We just couldn’t get there in time.

Solyndra was waiting,
And dangled a rating
Well worthy of rolling the dice.
Alas, they deflated
And crashed unabated,
With taxpayers paying the price.

Investments take mettle,
And often unsettle
The folks who like government lean.
But victors get spoils,
And nothing quite oils
The system like funding for Green.

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