Economic patronizing

(The following appeared on Planet Moron on October 26, 2012.)

This week the President released “Economic Patriotism: A Plan for Jobs & Middle Class Security” (pdf), a detailed roadmap consisting of many dozens of words including “middle class,” “tax cuts,” and “middle class.”

Also, “middle class.”

And “tax cuts.”

In fact, here are some representative excerpts from the plan:

“I want to continue those tax cuts for middle-class families and for small businesses.”

Extending the middle-class income tax cuts… would prevent 97% of small business owners from facing a tax increase.

We can make college more affordable by continuing tax credits to help middle-class families afford college tuition.

The Obama Record: Cutting taxes for the Middle Class.

To strengthen the middle class, President Obama passed wide-ranging tax relief.

And the President has provided new tax cuts to help the middle class afford higher education and health care.

The plan makes sure millionaires aren’t paying lower tax rates than many middle-class families.

President Obama’s plan keeps middle-class tax cuts in place.”

Keep in mind the plan is only 11 pages long.

Regardless, it is pretty clear that the President believes the middle class needs middle class tax cuts for the middle class.

Additionally, the President’s plan includes the most important element of any economic policy agenda if it’s going to be taken at all seriously:

A thoroughly detailed and specific set of pictures of Barack Obama.

In fact, on every single page the small text is crowded out by huge, glossy, full-color pictures of Barack Obama.

What do these pictures tell us the President is going to do if he is reelected?

For one, he is going to eat breakfast. Experts will tell you that breakfast is the most important jobs plan of the day.

He is also going to bother you at work.

Even if that means standing at high, overly reflective counters to no obvious purpose.

He will also come over to your house and watch your children.

He will consult with your doctors regarding the proper course of your treatment.

And he will wear Dockers on casual Friday.

Finally, we have a reason to vote for a President, rather than just against his opponent.

3 Responses to Economic patronizing

  1. This is a cult of personality if ever there was one. And those 11 pages are more proof that there is literally no piece of patronizing, self-aggrandizing propaganda that this man will not green-light. You can just see the meetings where he meets with the party agit-prop team (or more likely it’s Jarrett). “That’s fine, guys; just put less words and more glossy photos of me being Presidential! And make ’em bigger!”


  2. Well he did say that he wanted to build roads. In order to build roads and bridges, he needs to spend millions to build a roadmap. Yep, makes total sense to me. Except I hate to tell him this but he didn’t build it, someone built it for him.


  3. Freedom, by the way says:

    I understand his “plan” is just a regurgitation of his speech at the Democratic convention (wtih lots of glossy photos!)


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