Meanest practical joke ever

Just for the record, I strongly disapprove of practical jokes that involve actual cruelty, especially if they involve cruelty to children. So I feel kind of guilty about posting this video, because by doing so I’m encouraging other people to do what I did — which was to laugh out loud (repeatedly) at what was undeniably a very cruel prank. But the kids’ reactions are so hilarious that I just couldn’t resist. I’m sure that once the parents dropped the deception they compensated the kids for their emotional anguish… at least I hope they did. If not, I’m sure the kids found some creative ways to get even with them.

6 Responses to Meanest practical joke ever

  1. They didn’t eat the candy, this was just redistribution of wealth (candy.)

    Loved the last two little boys that discussed the matter with their parents, especially when the boy says he went to a lot of houses to get that candy.


  2. Not even close to the meanest practical joke involving candy. That would probably be the thing they (reportedly) have done in Cuban schoolrooms for 50 years, where they ask if any kids still believe in God, then do an experiment to see if by praying they can get God to give them candy. Then, when no candy appears, they pray to Uncle Fidel, and candy shows up! Now THAT’s a cruel joke!


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