Enough is enough

How anyone in his right mind could want four more years like the four we’ve just been through is a mystery to me.

2 Responses to Enough is enough

  1. Sadly, the only issue that matters to them is that they really believe that Romney will take women back to the archaic times so to protect their “lady’s parts” they have to vote for the man who won’t take away their rights. Besides, he will give them free stuff like birth control pills.

    Even typing that I can’t believe that I have seen that written as the reason to vote against Romney and vote for Obamatax. Do they realize that Romney has never said he would do anything that they think he will do? Do they realize how stupid it sounds to be in a horrible economy that is getting worse to worry about getting free birth control pills that they will be paying for with much higher taxes?


    • If Obama is re-elected, affording contraceptives will be the least of their problems. Free birth control isn’t going to be much comfort when they can’t find a job and can’t afford food, shelter, clothing, or gasoline.


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