A touching tale of friendship IRL

If you’ve never seen “The Man Without a Face,” this might be somewhat incomprehensible. Consider yourself warned.

5 Responses to A touching tale of friendship IRL

  1. We own a copy of TMWAF, but I think this would be hilarious even without having seen it. Good one!

    Reminds me of a humiliation I experienced yesterday. After years of being hassled by countless people about NOT having a PayPal account, I finally got one yesterday and entered the 20th Century. (Not the 21st, just the 20th). One of the first things I did was transfer $1 to my youngest brother (my worst tormentor) along with the message “You suck.” Next, I proceeded to order one of Chrissy’s necklaces as a Christmas present for my dear wife, only to be told that one of Chrissy’s best customers, the Bluebird of Bitterness, had bought the last green salad necklace and left her out of stock. You really are like L. Van Pelt stealing the football from Charlie Brown, Bob. Not really, but I had to give you some grief for that. You have good taste, BTW. 🙂


  2. chrissythehyphenated says:

    LOLOL … My ears are burning (in a good way). Thanks.


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