Fighting for the working man. No, literally.

(The following appeared on Planet Moron on December 12, 2012.)

There has been some controversy of late over a little tussle that occurred in Michigan where state legislators were voting on a “right to work” law that could potentially undermine union influence and power in the state. Naturally, union members turned out to protest the law however some people have misinterpreted their enthusiasm and vigor. To help clear things up we thought we’d address the confusion with a quick Q&A:

Q: What happened? It appeared that union members physically attacked people engaging in constitutionally protected free speech.

A: No, no, nothing could be further from the truth.

Q: Look at the video, one guy just started laying in on Steven Crowder with left and right roundhouse punches.

A: That was just a metaphor.

Q: A metaphor?

A: Sure. The individual was simply expressing the essential conflict between left and right common in non-parliamentary democracies in which two dominant parties typically “fight it out” if you will, in the field of ideas.

Q: But he was literally punching the guy in the face in an actual field.

A: Think of his face as a canvas on which the union member/interpretive artist was painting a picture.

Q: The guy punched him in the face! This is absolutely outrageous and under no circumstances can it be allowed to go unpunished.

A: Whoa, whoa, easy on the inflammatory rhetoric there. You wouldn’t want to incite some Tea Party nut into engaging in violence, such as criticizing Obamacare, or possibly creating a sign expressing disapproval of the current administration.

Q: That’s violent?

A: Absolutely. Violent to anyone’s sense of fairness.

Q: What about actual violence, like physically tearing down a tent with people still inside?

A: That was a misunderstanding.

Q: What about the Michigan legislator who promised “there will be blood?”

A: Hey, that could mean anything.

Q: And why isn’t the media paying any attention to this? They turned over rocks looking for signs of Tea Party violence but they can’t be bothered to report on this?

A: Report on what?

Q: The union violence and threats from elected Democrats?

A: There was union violence and threats from elected Democrats?

Q: Yes.

A: Well, we didn’t read anything about that in the papers…




One Response to Fighting for the working man. No, literally.

  1. Citizen Tom says:

    If it were not for the fact it simply displays reality, the bumper stickers on that Edsel would be funny. How any Socialist Democrat call call themselves pro-choice I do not know. Nonetheless, they do it, and they don’t even seem to notice the irony, not even when they set about forcing employers to pay for abortions.


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