I’m a believer

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Babylon-by-the-Bay) recently complained that some people just don’t believe in governmentwhich inspired The Bard of Murdock to comment:

Oh every year on Christmas Eve
I climb into my bed,
And dream of gifts I know will come
From Santa and his sled.

For Santa brings me this and that,
And other things for free.
So I believe in Santa Claus
And what he does for me.

The Easter Bunny does the same
With malted eggs and sweets.
So I believe he must exist
To furnish me with treats.

My Uncle Sam is kinder still,
And not just once a year!
By magic, every single month,
He makes a check appear.

So I believe in Uncle Sam,
With faith that’s tried and true,
And stronger when the things I get
Were lately owned by you.

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