In a recent interview with The New Republic, Barack Obama, when asked whether he’d ever fired a gun, replied, “Yes, in fact, up at Camp David, we do skeet shooting all the time.”

This rather remarkable assertion from the Pinocchio of Pennsylvania Avenue — who everyone knows spends as little time as possible at Camp David, preferring to spend his vacations in Hawaii or Martha’s Vineyard — was met with skepticism from pretty much everyone who is not a brain-dead Obamazombie. That skepticism only intensified when the White House released an official photograph of the president supposedly firing a gun at Camp David last summer. Experienced shooters were quick to point out all the telltale signs of fakery, and photoshoppers were equally quick to have some fun with the picture — despite stern warnings from the White House that altering or manipulating the photograph in any way was strictly verboten.

Not knowing how to hold a gun is a common problem for beginners.

“Be vewwy, vewwy quiet… I’m hunting Bigfoot…”

The community organizer demonstrates how to fend off a crazed gunman with a pair of scissors, as DHS advises those of us who can’t be trusted with firearms to do:

Stupid is as stupid does…

Queen Elizabeth shows King Putt how it’s done:

Presidential aides set up Obozo’s teleprompter because he kept forgetting and saying “ALLAHU AKBAR!” instead of “PULL!”

The Chicago Charlatan takes aim at his real enemy:

And apparently he does trick shooting as well:

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