Obamacare in five words

(collected on Twitter)

Because government does everything well.

Final nail in our coffin.

You can keep your tumor.

Obama’s union pals are exempt.

The IRS will enforce it.

Dreamed up by an idiot.

Good luck finding a doctor.

This will hurt a bit.

Death panels for old people.

Wait six months for appointment.

The mother of all boondoggles.

Say goodbye to religious freedom.

Twenty grand per year, suckers.

Why are you still breathing?

Obama lied; private insurance died.

Fifty’s a ripe old age.

Better pray for a miracle.

Waiting rooms filled with corpses.

Congress is exempt. Enough said.

Please press seven for English.

Prepare to meet your Maker.

It’s only a flesh wound.

Birth control’s on the house.

In case of emergency, die.

Should have listened to Palin.

Being dead is much cheaper.

Look into the light, Grandma.

Final solution for state enemies.

Trillions spent; millions still uninsured.

The doctor is not in.

Central planning fails every time.

Love it, or you’re racist.

If only it covered ignorance.

Bureaucrats deciding life and death.

Go jump off a bridge.

Tax first, death panel later.

British dentistry, here we come.

A disaster of epic proportions.

Liberal insanity knows no bounds.

Comes with a free phone.

Time’s up for you, Granny.

Who doesn’t love free stuff?

Not good enough for Congress.

Sustainability through human attrition.

Change we can’t believe in.

The Chevy Volt of healthcare.

Where to send your remains?

This feels like the DMV.

What do you mean, broke?

Low information voters screwed America.

You’re all part time now.

Would you please die quickly?

Bend over and grab ankles.

What difference does it make?

2 Responses to Obamacare in five words

  1. Love the Twitter snark. Kept thinking they were writing Haiku or something. Good stuff!


  2. bydesign001 says:

    Excellent post. Can’t wait to share it with all the jackrabbits who supported this debacle and the monstrosity in the White House.


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