This dog always gets his man

According to The Daily Mail, some British bobbies have landed in the soup because of the way they handled a request from prosecutors for a crime report from “PC Peach.” Peach is actually a “PD” (police dog), not a “PC” (police constable), but the prosecutor, unaware of the species of the officer in question, insisted that the witness statement form be filled out by Peach himself. Here is how the coppers responded: 

The Crown Prosecution Service apparently failed to see the humor in this. The case is being investigated by West Midlands Police’s Professional Standards Department, and the humans responsible for the incident will probably receive a dressing-down for conduct unbecoming a constable.

PD Peach, with his handler.

Read the full story here.

2 Responses to This dog always gets his man

  1. Freedom, by the way says:

    I read the whole article you linked to and can only make this observation: For the most part, people in authority have no sense of humor and most certainly not if there is an inkling that the joke’s on them.
    The prosecutor is seriously going to “investigate” this ? Give me a break! It’s just plain funny! Get over yourself.


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