As part of its never-ending efforts to scare the hell out of low-information voters, the Obama administration recently sent out Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to warn the public how sequestration would affect air travel. Apparently any decrease, however small, in the rate of increase in spending is going to have consequences almost too horrible to contemplate.

The Bard of Murdock comments:

From the shores of California,
To the mountains of PA,
We will fight our budget battles
With the threat of flight delay.
We will furlough half our workers.
We will send them home to stay.
You will surely learn a lesson
If you mess with TSA.

From the field at Opa-Locka
To Muskegon County’s sky,
We will limit travel service
And the numbers who can fly.
From the plains of Oklahoma,
To the shores of Tampa Bay,
You will learn the gift of patience
If you mess with TSA.

Here’s to us and to our union,
For in it we proudly serve.
It provides us with a pension,
And the jobs that we deserve.
If the public and the Congress
Cut our budget they will pay!
They will surely learn a lesson
If they mess with TSA.

One Response to Grounded

  1. The one agency we need to sequester and will we? Not on a bet!


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