Space invaders

Did you know that in California there are parking lots with special spaces reserved exclusively for hybrids? As you can see, some Californians (like the one who painted the lines on this lot) don’t even know how to spell “hybrid,” but that doesn’t stop them from offering special parking spaces to folks who drive hybrids — including the idiot who parked this Prius so that it straddles two spaces.

4 Responses to Space invaders

  1. David Vogeler says:

    I love your blog, but don’t be a hybrid hater. You weren’t going to park there anyway.


    • I’m not a hybrid hater; people should be able to drive whatever kind of vehicle they prefer. What I hate is sanctimony…. and people who are too lazy to look up a word to be sure they’re spelling it correctly.


    • Why not? When I was commuting in my Ford Festivas, they got better-than-hybrid mileage (43mpg) with gas engines that didn’t have environment-wrecking toxic batteries or need to be plugged into the power grid, using dirtier, coal-fired power. And when I bought them used, they cost a tenth what your Prius cost. Seems to me, the only reason to drive a hybrid is to show that you can afford to pay too much for an atrociously not-really-green car, and then be sanctimonious about it. But I guess it’s ok, if you just like expensive gadgets. It’s a free country. As long as you hold the sanctimony. Then it’s cool.


  2. Zip says:

    Bob, your title for this brought to mind this show. I think you’ll find it fitting!


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