I’m a little führer, short and stout

Via NPR:

After receiving complaints that a billboard advertisement included an image resembling Adolf Hitler, JC Penney has reportedly taken the sign down. The move came after images of the billboard in California’s Culver City spurred a controversy on Reddit and elsewhere online. The retailer says any resemblance to the late leader of the Third Reich was unintended.


“Several customers have taken to the Web to complain about a J.C. Penney billboard that’s next to the 405 Freeway in Culver City,” reported the Without A Net blog at member station KPCC Tuesday. “The problem: It kind of looks like Hitler.”

Citing ABC-7 in Los Angeles, KPCC says the billboard has now been removed. The item is also no longer on the JC Penney website, although that could be because it has sold out.

The billboard promoted the Bells and Whistles Stainless Steel Tea Kettle, part of the store’s collection by designer Michael Graves. But to some, the image of the kettle included dark details that could be taken to represent Hitler’s iconic black mustache, parted hair, tie, and right arm raise in a Nazi salute. (continue reading)

3 Responses to I’m a little führer, short and stout

  1. Mike says:

    Good! Now they can post the “Che Pot” and “Pol Pot” ads.


  2. zip says:

    When you consider that much of the “conditioning” going on today is achieved on the subconscious level, this ‘subconscious’ art work speaks of the mindset behind the indoctrination! Many USSR Russian artist planted symbols in their their painting to ‘speak’ to the public truths that they were unable to say out loud. They were forced to use ‘red’ as the theme color. Today we use the contrasting color of ‘green’, but the message source is the same. Interesting find Bob!


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