Racist jury fails to convict creepy-ass cracker who stalked and murdered an innocent choirboy

The Bard of Murdock comments:

When will we hear the President
Say if he had a son,
Who chose to act in self-defense,
He’d look like Zimmerman?

When will the modern media
Stop baiting based on race,
And trying to convict a man
Before he pleads his case?

When will the Sharptons of the world
With sound and fury say,
That race and ethnic heritage
May not have been at play?

When will the prosecuting class
Misconduct set aside,
And see to it that charges laid
To evidence be tied?

Perhaps we cannot have that now,
But, be that as it may,
Thank God we get to celebrate
With Zimmerman today.

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  1. Great links, Bob. I hadn’t seen any of these. If you have permission from the Bard, could you repost to 4gfc? We would love to see this.


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