Obama repeals 40-hour work week: part-time workers, unite!

From Comrade Nomenklatura-climber at The People’s Cube:

Due to the glorious leadership of our Dear Leader, Barack Barackovich Obama, a full 53% of adult citizens have received a lessened workload as a result of the State’s collectivization program. 

Yes, comrades, this means that only 47% of citizens are now required to work a full-time job. It is a great victory for redistributive justice, when a majority of citizens can work part-time and enjoy the fruits of Socialist Labor. 

We must remember that Socialist Redistribution programs do not require complete unemployment, but rather only an income below State standards. Citizens working part-time have their income supplemented to the same standards as full-time workers and peasants through redistributive programs that provide food, housing, and medical care.

By liberating the People’s Wealth and the Means of Production from the Bourgeoisie and the Kulaks, the Proletariat are not longer compelled to labor long, 40-hour work weeks. Instead, citizens can work less and receive the same benefits as if they were working full-time at minimum wage, which is the State’s income expectation for all citizens. (continue reading)


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