Race to the bottom

While the country and the world continue to go to hell, Senate majority geezer Harry Reid still suspects that opposition to the policies of Barack Obama has nothing to do with the substance of those policies, and everything to do with the quantity of melanin in the president’s skin. Yes, despite nearly five years’ accumulation of evidence that the Kenyan Kid is the least qualified, least competent schlub ever to infest the Oval Office, his obsequious boot-licking lackeys continue to play the race card. The Bard of Murdock comments:

The reset button didn’t work.
The Arab Street’s aflame.
ObamaCare is off its rails.
The jobless rate’s the same.

The Peeping Toms of government
Are snooping through our mail.
Michelle is pushing little kids
To feed on sprouts and kale.

The IRS and FEC
Are playing off the sheet.
Our consulates and embassies
Are forced into retreat.

But if you deign to criticize,
The mammoth mess we’re in,
Your motive must be based upon
The color of his skin.

For only willful prejudice
And bigotry of mind,
Prevents embrace of presidents
Who lead us from behind.

5 Responses to Race to the bottom

  1. Benmo says:

    I couldn’t care less what color he is. He isn’t a leader and the country is sinking with him at the helm… er, golf course.


  2. Excellent wordplay in the title, BTW. Would you share this one? Or any of the next ones? 😀 Por favor?


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