No more clowning around

Phony scandal.

Real scandal.

Tuffy Gessling, the rodeo clown who got himself fired for having the effrontery to poke fun at the first biracial president, should be thankful that his job was all he lost. He might have ended up in the slammer, like that luckless schmuck who made the video that Barry, Hillary, Susan, and Jay all blamed for the Benghazi massacre. Remember that guy?

Still, there’s hope for Mr. Gessling, if he submits to state-mandated sensitivity training. The Bard of Murdock comments:

I’m off to get retraining
In matters entertaining,
So I can work the circuit at the fair.
My previous engagement,
A suitable arrangement,
Turned out a catastrophic bit of fare.

I hesitate to mention,
I broke the new convention
And did a bit the fair would not condone.
I wasn’t quite discerning
In what I did concerning
The man who sits atop the gilded throne.

The present situation,
For those of my vocation,
Constrains us from a mocking word or deed,
About the politicians,
In loftiest positions,
Whose playbook is the latest leftist creed.

So further education,
And mental reformation,
Is on the docket for my chosen trade.
And when we have been bettered,
Our presentations fettered,
We once again can join the clown parade.

Rodeo clowns aren’t the only ones being sent off to re-education camp, by the way. In Oregon, the state’s Labor Commissioner wants to send a couple of bakers there as well, to cure them of their objection to same-sex marriage. Because no one could possibly have sound, rational reasons for opposing the redefinition of marriage; they must be motivated by ignorance, bigotry, and hatred of anyone who’s different from them. We know, because the left has been telling us so for years.

I just hope that when the thought police come to arrest me, they’ll let me go to the same re-education camp those bakers are being sent to. At least that way I should be able to get a decent cupcake now and then.

2 Responses to No more clowning around

  1. Love the Jarlsberg Pachyderm Excrement Shoveler cartoon, but I’m certain that the RCOTUS is fully trained in all sorts of excrement, so this is irrelephant. Or maybe redumboent. (Hey, could we get a repost of this, Bobber? 🙂 )


  2. Clown haters dressing as clown. They really have no shame.


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