Time to declare President Petulant “nonessential”

“On Oct. 8, Obama was asked by Mark Knoller of CBS if he was ‘tempted’ to sign the numerous funding bills passed by the GOP-controlled House that would greatly alleviate the pain of the shutdown. Republicans have voted to reopen parks, fund cancer trials for children at the NIH, and to keep FEMA and the FDA going through this partial shutdown. But Obama has threatened to veto any such efforts, effectively keeping the Senate from considering the legislation.

“‘Of course I’m tempted’ to sign those bills, Obama explained. ‘But here’s the problem. What you’ve seen are bills that come up wherever Republicans are feeling political pressure, they put a bill forward. And if there’s no political heat, if there’s no television story on it, then nothing happens.’

“Obama’s answer dragged on, as all of Obama’s answers do. But the point was made. For the first time in American history, a president confessed to deliberately hurting his country to score points against his enemies.” —Jonah Goldberg, Obama’s Confession of Indifference

“The hundreds of thousands of government workers who have been laid off are not idle because the House of Representatives did not vote enough money to pay their salaries or the other expenses of their agencies – unless they are in an agency that would administer ObamaCare. Since we cannot read minds, we cannot say who – if anybody – ‘wants to shut down the government.’ But we do know who had the option to keep the government running and chose not to. The money voted by the House of Representatives covered everything that the government does, except for ObamaCare.

“The Senate chose not to vote to authorize that money to be spent, because it did not include money for ObamaCare. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says that he wants a ‘clean’ bill from the House of Representatives, and some in the media keep repeating the word ‘clean’ like a mantra. But what is unclean about not giving Harry Reid everything he wants? If Senator Reid and President Obama refuse to accept the money required to run the government, because it leaves out the money they want to run ObamaCare, that is their right. But that is also their responsibility.

“You cannot blame other people for not giving you everything you want. And it is a fraud to blame them when you refuse to use the money they did vote, even when it is ample to pay for everything else in the government.” —Thomas Sowell, Who Shut Down the Government?

“Responding to the people’s will, House Republicans first voted to fund all of government – except Obamacare. Obama refused to negotiate and Senate Democrats refused to pass it.

“Then the Republicans voted to fully fund the government, but merely delay the implementation of Obamacare for one year. Obama refused to negotiate and Senate Democrats refused to pass it.

“Finally, the Republicans voted to fully fund the government, but added a requirement that everyone live under Obamacare. No more special waivers for Congress and their staff, and no waivers for big business without the same waivers for individuals.

“Obama refused to negotiate and Senate Democrats refused to pass it. So as you can see, Republicans are the big holdup here.” —Ann Coulter, Democrats to America: We Own the Government!

“The one place where a full-scale shutdown is being enforced is in America’s alleged ‘National Park Service,’ a term of art that covers everything from canyons and glaciers to war memorials and historic taverns. The NPS has spent the last two weeks behaving as the paramilitary wing of the DNC, expending more resources in trying to close down open-air, unfenced areas than it would normally do in keeping them open. It began with the war memorials on the National Mall — that’s to say, stone monuments on pieces of grass under blue sky. It’s the equivalent of my New Hampshire town government shutting down and deciding therefore to ring the Civil War statue on the village common with yellow police tape and barricades.

“Still, the NPS could at least argue that these monuments were within their jurisdiction — although they shouldn’t be. Not content with that, the NPS shock troops then moved on to insisting that privately run sites such as the Claude Moore Colonial Farm and privately owned sites such as Mount Vernon were also required to shut. When the Pisgah Inn on the Blue Ridge Parkway declined to comply with the government’s order to close (an entirely illegal order, by the way), the ‘shut down’ Park Service sent armed agents and vehicles to blockade the hotel’s driveway.

“Even then, the problem with a lot of America’s scenic wonders is that, although they sit on National Park Service land, they’re visible from some distance. So, in South Dakota, having closed Mount Rushmore the NPS storm troopers additionally attempted to close the view of Mount Rushmore — that’s to say a stretch of the highway, where the shoulder widens and you can pull over and admire the stony visages of America’s presidents. Maybe it’s time to blow up Washington, Jefferson & Co. and replace them with a giant, granite sign rising into the heavens bearing the chiseled inscription ‘DON’T EVEN THINK OF PARKING DOWN THERE.’

“But perhaps the most extraordinary story to emerge from the NPS is that of the tour group of foreign seniors whose bus was trapped in Yellowstone Park on the day the shutdown began. They were pulled over photographing a herd of bison when an armed ranger informed them, with the insouciant ad-hoc unilateral lawmaking to which the armed bureaucrat is distressingly prone, that taking photographs counts as illegal ‘recreation.’ ‘Sir, you are recreating,’ the ranger informed the tour guide. And we can’t have that, can we? They were ordered back to the Old Faithful Inn, next to the geyser of the same name, but forbidden to leave said inn to look at said geyser. Armed rangers were posted at the doors, and, just in case one of the wily Japanese or Aussies managed to outwit his captors by escaping through one of the inn’s air ducts and down to the geyser, a fleet of NPS SUVs showed up every hour and a half throughout the day, ten minutes before Old Faithful was due to blow, to surround the geyser and additionally ensure that any of America’s foreign visitors trying to photograph the impressive natural phenomenon from a second-floor hotel window would still wind up with a picture full of government officials. The following morning the bus made the two-and-a-half-hour journey to the park boundary, but was prevented from using any of the bathrooms en route, including at a private dude ranch whose owner was threatened with the loss of his license if he allowed any tourist to use the facilities.” —Mark Steyn, Park Service Paramilitaries

“Shutdown Theater coverage from the MSM has been generally appalling – they usually just mention monument and park closings as a sad but inevitable side effect of the “shutdown,” without going into little details like Park Police storm troopers holding elderly tourists at gunpoint in Yellowstone, and when something really disastrous happens – like Obama halting death benefits to military families – the debris is swept into the Memory Hole as quickly as possible.  Reporters always tell us they’re looking for ‘context’ and the ‘rest of the story,’ or even better the ‘untold story,’ but not when it comes to Obama’s punitive war on the American people.

“Thus we have the amazing spectacle of riot police surging forth to greet the marching veterans and keep them away from the National Mall, which just the other day was opened to Barack Obama’s political allies in the ‘immigration reform’ movement, along with Port-a-Potty service and trash pickup. But when America’s veterans approach the Mall with an indisputably legitimate complaint about the President’s temper-tantrum antics? Beat it, Grandpa.” —John Hayward, Veterans Return Obama’s Barricades to the White House

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  1. Praise the Lord, thank you Jesus, it is time to make President Petulant “nonessential”. Hallelujah! It is about time to kick this devil out of our White House.

    You know, we will have to send a priest in to do exorcism on the White House before anybody else moves in. There is no telling what other kind of demons were left behind.


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