Obamacare: recommended by 4 or 5 doctors

“In explaining the disastrous rollout of Obamacare, President Obama told Chris Matthews he had discovered that ‘we have these big agencies, some of which are outdated, some of which are not designed properly.’ An interesting discovery to make after having consigned the vast universe of American medicine, one-sixth of the U.S. economy, to the tender mercies of the agency bureaucrats at the Department of Health and Human Services and the Internal Revenue Service.

“Most people become aware of the hopeless inefficiency of sclerotic government by, oh, age 17 at the department of motor vehicles. Obama’s late discovery is especially remarkable considering that he built his entire political philosophy on the rock of Big Government, on the fervent belief in the state as the very engine of collective action and the ultimate source of national greatness. …

“This blinding revelation of the ponderous incompetence of bureaucratic government came just a few weeks after Obama confessed that ‘what we’re also discovering is that insurance is complicated to buy.’ Another light bulb goes off, this one three years after passing a law designed to force millions of Americans to shop for new health plans via the maze of untried, untested, insecure, unreliable online ‘exchanges.’”Charles Krauthammer, Obama the Oblivious

“In the place of the energy and focus that would go into the running of things, the administering and managing of them, we have the preoccupation with spin, with how things look as opposed to how they are. The odd thing still is that the White House never misses a speech, a list of talking points, an opportunity to shape the argument on TV. They do the talking part, but the doing? They had 3½ years to make sure ObamaCare will work, three years to get it right top to bottom, to rejigger parts of the law that they finally judged wouldn’t work, to make the buying of a policy easy on the website. And they not only couldn’t do that, which itself constitutes an astounding and historic management failure, they make it clear they were taken aback by their failure. They didn’t know it was coming! Or some knew and for some reason couldn’t do anything.

“And it’s all going to continue. One reason this scandal isn’t Katrina is that Katrina had a beginning and an end. The storm came, the storm left, the cleanup commenced and failed and then continued and succeeded. At some point it was over. ObamaCare will never be over. It’s going to poison the rest of the administration. It’s the story that won’t go away because it will continue to produce disorder. Wait, for instance, until small businesses realize it will be cheaper to throw their people off their coverage and take the fines than it will be to reinsure them under the new regime.” —Peggy Noonan, Incompetence

“Most national media attention has been focused on the federal ObamaCare exchange, which serves 36 states. The remaining state exchanges get less news coverage, although occasionally an ObamaCare apologist will claim they’re doing much better than the federal train wreck.

“Our first hint that this claim might not be entirely accurate comes from Maryland – the very heart of the federal Leviathan, whose nightmarish state exchange was once held up as the model for the entire system. … The director of the state exchange just resigned amid voter outrage that she jetted off to the Caribbean for a fun-filled vacation during the launch of her system, sipping umbrella-festooned adult beverages on those sun-kissed beaches – unreachable by phone, email, or text message – while the Maryland incarnation of the ObamaCare disaster collapsed into an almost completely non-functional pile of error messages.

“Who in the world would schedule a vacation during the launch of the system they were responsible for, especially given the dire warnings of impending doom that were percolating through the bureaucracy, carefully hidden from the ears of the public? Wait, it gets better: the Minnesota director did the same thing. She took a vacation to Costa Rica in November, far from the anguished cries of frustrated Minnesotans who spent hours trying to access her busted system. Not only that, but the director of the state Medicaid program reportedly went with her, even though official documents described him as ‘instrumental’ for the ObamaCare launch. State authorities in Minnesota tried to keep it all quiet, but Watchdog.org sussed out the truth, leading to the director’s sudden resignation.

“Let’s have a round of applause for our ‘best and brightest’ in government! The funny thing is how the Ruling Class keeps thanking these people for all their hard work, even as public outrage forces them to take permanent unpaid vacations. The Ruling Class never gets tires of congratulating itself for failure, or insulting its serfs.” —John Hayward, The State of the Obamacare Exchanges

“The estimated scores of millions of eventual health-plan cancellations that Americans will soon face are not some weird unintended consequence of ObamaCare. They are fundamental to making the law work as written. The Affordable Care Act relies on previously uninsured young people to overpay for coverage they don’t need, and for previously insured adults to pay for health contingencies they will never face, be it childbirth for men or pediatric dental care for grandparents. That is what is supposed to allow more people to be covered and to keep overall rates in check. Since making people’s health insurance more expensive is not particularly popular, Obama lied about it, and not only when he claimed you could keep your plan and your doctor.

“In fact, the president promised at least fifteen times while running for president in 2008 that his health insurance reform would reduce premiums by an average of $2,500 per family. In May 2009, he said the law would ‘end up saving $2 trillion,’ leading to ‘lower premiums.’ The White House blog in November 2009 featured such headlines as ‘Objective Analysis Shows Reform will Help Small Businesses, Lower Premiums for American Families’ and ‘CBO Confirms That Families Will Save Money Under Health Reform.’

“As Peter Suderman wrote in June 2013, there was ‘no mistaking the message that the Obama White House was selling to anyone who would listen: that premiums would go down, that benefits would go up, and that if premiums did happen to go up, it would only be as a result of an individual choice to buy more robust coverage.’ What’s more, ‘This is the debate that even those relatively few Americans who follow wonky policy pundits were hearing–not one that emphasized tradeoffs, but one that repeatedly emphasized that ObamaCare would have mostly positive impacts on premiums, and that any negative impacts would be modest.’

“For years, liberal commentators have accused conservatives of living in an intellectual ‘bubble’ of their own creation, impervious to reality. But through official intent and intellectual laziness, Democrats have created a bubble of deception surrounding ObamaCare that will affect millions of Americans for years to come. A lie this ignoble should stain the credibility of everyone who perpetuated it.” —Matt Welch, The Death of Obama’s “Noble Lie”

“Unlike presidents who paid high prices rather quickly for their dissimulations, Obama kept getting away with serial deception. The result was similar to a reckless bluffer at the poker table who keeps upping the ante each time he wins with a bad hand — only to lose his enormous pile of bluffed winnings when finally called out. Obama was empowered by a compliant public and a press invested in his progressive agenda. He assumed that while others had had to atone for deception, he did not, given his utopian talk about lowering the seas and cooling the planet, his landmark racial profile, and his youthful charisma and scripted eloquence. Being hip and progressive, he assumed, exempted him from an accounting. Yet unless the economy is booming, even a cool president does not necessarily recover once the public ceases believing what he says. After five years of 7-plus percent unemployment, almost no GDP growth, and record debt, Obama now enjoys few extenuating offsets when he serially misleads.

“When the president speaks now, few listen. He realizes that and so, like Richard Nixon, must add emphatics as a substitute for honesty. But by now we know ad nauseam all the banal intensifiers — ‘make no mistake about it,’ ‘I am not kidding,’ ‘in point of fact,’ and ‘let me be perfectly clear.’

“Obama is playing a strange game: The more he speaks untruthfully, the more he resorts to emphatic intensifiers that instead confirm that he is speaking untruthfully. In turn, Obama’s audiences play an even stranger game: The more they hear their president speak, the more they are impressed that he can sound so sincere in being so nonchalantly insincere and mellifluously misleading. When I first heard, ‘You can keep your doctor and your health plan,’ I thought, ‘That can’t be true; he knows it can’t be true; and the American people must know it can’t be true’ — and, then, I shrugged: ‘But he’s hit upon a winning lie.’ And so he did — until now.” —Victor Davis Hanson, How Presidents Lie

“Many in New York’s professional and cultural elite have long supported President Obama’s health care plan. But now, to their surprise, thousands of writers, opera singers, music teachers, photographers, doctors, lawyers and others are learning that their health insurance plans are being canceled and they may have to pay more to get comparable coverage, if they can find it.

“They are part of an unusual, informal health insurance system that has developed in New York, in which independent practitioners were able to get lower insurance rates through group plans, typically set up by their professional associations or chambers of commerce. That allowed them to avoid the sky-high rates in New York’s individual insurance market, historically among the most expensive in the country.

“But under the Affordable Care Act, they will be treated as individuals, responsible for their own insurance policies. For many of them, that is likely to mean they will no longer have access to a wide network of doctors and a range of plans tailored to their needs. And many of them are finding that if they want to keep their premiums from rising, they will have to accept higher deductible and co-pay costs or inferior coverage. …

“The people affected include not just writers, artists, doctors and the like, but also independent tradespeople, like home builders or carpenters, who work on their own. …

“It is not lost on many of the professionals that they are exactly the sort of people — liberal, concerned with social justice — who supported the Obama health plan in the first place. [Barbara] Meinwald, the lawyer, said she was a lifelong Democrat who still supported better health care for all, but had she known what was in store for her, she would have voted for Mitt Romney.” —Anemona Hartocollis, With Affordable Care Act, Canceled Policies for New York Professionals

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