New jobs report shows most still have one


More upbeat economic news this morning from the White House as the latest jobs report indicates nearly 63 percent of working-age people still consider themselves part of “the workforce,” and a majority of them actually have jobs.

Administration spokesman Jay Carney said the Labor Department report “should buoy the stock market because 74,000 new jobs represents a full 37 percent of expected job creation.” However, he acknowledged “even that impressive number can go higher if we do more to reduce expectations.”

Thanks to President Obama’s economic policies, signs like this are appearing more often. This firm, for example, wants to hire a stock photographer to meet the growing demand from the White House for more pictures like this one.

In the official White House news release, President Obama said, “Jobs are a key part of my economic plan, and I’m happy to report that most people have one.”

Carney credited President Obama’s policies for the “economic surge,” but admitted that the president hasn’t done enough yet persuade the Labor Department to reduce the official labor force number so that the unemployment figure can come down even further.

“Reducing the size of the work force is the key to reducing the unemployment number,” Carney said. “But the president can’t be blamed for the dearth of discouraged people dropping out. I think everyone agrees the president is doing all he can to discourage them.”

By Scott Ott.

2 Responses to New jobs report shows most still have one

  1. Freedom, by the way says:

    I can almost hear Carney saying that. He tangles himself in knots trying to spin the administration’s way out of things.


    • No kidding!

      “I’d love to see someone interview Jay Carney’s mother and ask her how she feels about all the sacrifices, all the skimping and saving, required to enable the family to send her son to an Ivy League school, just so he could grow up and lie for a living.” ―Burt Prelutsky


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