Them’s fightin’ words

A midwesterner was on his way to California for his brother’s wedding. While passing through Wyoming, he stopped at a saloon and ordered a beer. He was watching the television on the wall behind the bar when on came a clip of President Obama at the golf course.

“Barack Obama is a horse’s ass,” the man said. Immediately, one of the locals jumped up and punched him in the face, knocking him off his bar stool.

The man picked himself up off the floor, dusted himself off, then resumed drinking his beer and watching the TV. A minute or two later, the First Lady appeared on the screen, hectoring a group of school children about eating their vegetables.

“Michelle Obama is a horse’s ass too,” the man said. Immediately, another local jumped up and belted him so hard he fell off his bar stool again.

Once again the man picked himself up off the floor. He turned to the bartender and said, “I take it this is Obama country.”

“Nope,” replied the bartender. “Horse country.”

2 Responses to Them’s fightin’ words

  1. Morris says:

    Bahaha! Love it! It is indeed an insult to the horses..


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