New Yorkers: If you like your governor, you can keep your governor

But what if you’re one of those folks whom your governor recently said he wishes would get the heck out of his state? You know who you are. If you have a certain fondness for the Second Amendment… or you think that killing unborn babies is a really bad idea… or you’re not entirely sure that redefining marriage would be good for society… then your governor would like you to emigrate immediately, if not sooner, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

If you’re feeling unwelcome in New York, maybe you should think about moving to Wisconsin. It’s a great place to live, and I guarantee you that my governor will never tell you to get lost.

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7 Responses to New Yorkers: If you like your governor, you can keep your governor

  1. rrhumstruck says:

    For some reason I KNEW you were a Cheesehead! Thanks for the comfirmation!


  2. TEA says:

    Texas welcomes you, too, and will continue to do so when Wendy Davis (a.k.a. Abortion-Liar Barbie) meets defeat.


  3. Indiana would welcome them too.


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