God and Obama: What’s the difference?

God created the universe in six days; Obama couldn’t make a website in five years.

God rested on the seventh day; Obama rests on the other six.

God says you shouldn’t covet your neighbor’s property; Obama says you should.

God told Noah to build an ark; Obama said “You didn’t build that!”

Jesus saves; Obama spends.

God doesn’t force anyone to sign up for his plan.

God didn’t have to pass the Ten Commandments to find out what was in them.

God calls children a blessing; Obama calls them a punishment.

God banished Lucifer; Obama’s mentor dedicated a book to him.

The Lord giveth; Obama taketh away.

God has a son, and he doesn’t look like Trayvon.

God knows when life begins; Obama says it’s above his pay grade.

God loves Israel.

God created the oceans; Obama thinks he can lower them.

God doesn’t think he’s Obama.

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